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Market Trends and Sales

This is just very basic information on some market trends--mostly sales reports--that may be of interest to clients. 
  Provided in concise summary for educational and informational purposes only--consult the source noted for full information.
This should not in any way be construed as advice on investments or breeding programs.The sources are responsible for the accuracy of the information.
Please e-mail with any additions (or corrections) you think might be of interest!

Reichart Celebration Sale August 13, 2010 Tulsa, OK Hunter Under Saddle Section

All of the horses in this sale are AQHA. Paint, or App registered.  And  eligible/entered in the Reichart Futurities and Maturities.  Some of these competitions have top prizes of $50K, and some have added monies that increase their value.

Additionally, most entered in  the National Snaffle Bit Assn competitions, AQHA Incentive Fund, and/or Kentucky Breeding Incentive Fund, that is starting to include online racing betting.

Conformation, breeding, and training seemed to be main considerations, tho not necessarily in that order.  Since AQHA horses show as 2 yo, the yearlings can reflect that additional interest.








August 10, 2010



See results at PAS site 

 RESULTS From viewing on Internet: Sort of "feast or famine" sale.  Lots under $5k; many under $10K; however quite a few in 15-40K range.  Hi seller that I saw was $39K for a Welsh gelding. The Polish Warmblood went for about $15K.  Many qualified for National Pony Finals. Many eligible green.

Age not a real issue--ability and suitability prime concerns in each height group,  with breeders well-represented too, esp for Welsh.

Again, schooled horses bought the higher prices--tho some exc buys under $5k for those starting out or those that know how to bring green or "diamond in the rough" prosects along to top competition.


March 20, 2010
Herndon, Virginia
Conducted by Professional Auction Services
The high selling horse was an imported 2004  bay Hanoverian gelding by Accord that had started his jumping career in Germany.  Dam info not available.  He has been shown hunter and jumper in the US and sold for $27,500.oo/USD.  He was a very balanced, athletic looking 16.2h horse, and probably a good buy, especially considering he is just six years old.
Approximately 3/4 of the 100-125 horses and ponies offered were "NO SALES".(sellers refused to sell at the final bid price).
Clearly, it is a buyer's market, however many sellers were saying "no thanks" to buyers if the price was not what they thought was sufficient.
Two noteable horses that were "no sales" were a Thoroughbred g. 5yo from Penn. that had "Class A hunter potential", and a Hanoverian gelding, 04, that was a dressage trained moving into Jr/AmOwner hunter, sired by Widmark (by Wolkentanz I, by Weltmeyer).  Each of these were "no sales" at $18K/usd.
Two excellent Canadian Sport Horses were No Sales at around $8k/usd.
The other Warmbloods and specific Holsteiners were no sales, bidding ending at $1200-$5000/usd.
Several horses got no bids at all, even tho they started bidding at $250.
The AQHA registered quarterhorses offered were of excellent breeding for the English and performance divisions--one by World Champion Hunter Luke At Me; another crossbred by Indian Artifacts (paint); and others by Zippo and Peppy San Badger breeding that can perform--tho interesting for being touted as dressage prospects.
These were bid for very low prices... all no sales at around $1k/usd, one Appendix gelding for around $3k.
The Arabian crosses--the large pony jumper that had won Championships at Lexington and other shows, junior horse, ridden bareback in the resell, was no saled at $2900/usd.
The other was a dressage gelding by a *Muscat son (Russian breeding), and out of a Trakehner mare.
Audio on the video stream was breaking up so do not know if he had papers. Showing first level dressage and schooling third.  Final price was around $1200.oo/usd. Very attractive tall bay. Not certain if sold.
There were several Draft crosses--mostly with TB; and then some Irish Draught.
These actually did get "good prices" at the sale, between $5k and $7k, however most were No Sales.
These were very large horses, and "very calm".
TRENDS: started, well schooled and trained out/proven horses get the most interest and bids.
Tho even these will not be sold for a lower price than the seller thinks is sufficient.
Junior suitable are in demand.
Esp. if "campers".
Ponies were going for basically under $1K.
And most were "No Sales".
One very well bred, classic reg Welsh gelding that was bid to $6k was a "No Sale".
Many mares were offered, most No Sales.
Overall, not very encouraging.
However, the weather on the East Coast has been quite rainy--the Florida sale had weather delays.
And on sale day an unusual snow storm hit the Midwest.
The sale was delayed in starting by about 2 hours; and while there was not any online bidding, there was telephone bidding; however towards the end of the sale, the video lagged behind the audio by a horse or two.  Clearly just tranmission problems that were unavoidable.

Held in Ocala, Florida, USA
Due to the unusual rains, the viewing of breezes and sale had to be postponed several times during the week, however the sale was completed on March 17, 2010.


March Select Sale of Two YO under saddle

Day 1—saw about 100 of the horses, and if this sale is any indication, the Thoroughbred horse business is alive and well.

However, this was a Select Sale of 2008’s in training; most very well bred racing lines; most Breeders Cup nominated, as well as other eligibilities, particularly Ocala Breeders Sales races.

Legendary and current Throroughbred sire names like Afleet Alex, Lemon Drop Kid, Storm Cat, Mr. Prospector, Unbridled Song, AP Indy abounded; lines back to Mr. Prospector, Storm Cat, Seattle Slew, etc prevelant.  As well as some newcomers with their first and second foal crops like First Samurai (Storm Cat grand get, Tiznow, Tapit, Congrats, Exchange Rate (Danzig-Northern Dancer), etc.  Top mare lines in terms of breeding and performance.

Top seller that I saw go through went for $400,000—a colt by the sire of Curlin, a Mr. Prospector son, and out of a granddaughter of Norther Dancer.  He had one of quickest breeze times too.  Smart Strike is a leading sire with one of the favorites to win the Kentucky Derby this year.

Quite a few were over $200K…colts by Lemon Drop Kid,  Lion Heart (goes back to Storm Cat),  one by Elusive Quality (sire of Smarty Jones), etc.

Most were going between $50K and $150K.

A very few went for 20-30K.

This sale broadcasts the workouts/breezes from the previous days as well as the sale.  All of the horses were started under saddle.

Full results will be available at Professional Auction Sales website shortly after the sale:


Day 2 of the sale: lot 171-365.

This certainly started out as FILLY DAY—top selling horses were fillies going from $525K and many  in between to $200k, and then many in the $200k and above range.

Couple of the top sellers were from Jerry Bailey Sales Agent 1, presuming the top jockey that is making the transition to selecting sale horses to condition and promote.

These included the top selling Filly that went for $525K by the Halo grandson More Than Ready, and out of Meadow Silk.  Elegant April 08 filly.

Then several other fillies that went for $200K+.

The colts that did well did very well—Hi selling colt for Day 2 was $425K from what I saw on Internet—a chestnut colt by the Storm Cat son Giants Causeway and out of an Alydar daughter on the dam side. And then a couple for $180K to $350K.

There were one or two—a couple of low sellers under $10k.

However some “good buys” in terms of conformation and pedigree under $25K.

However most horses were way out of that range.

This is overall good news for the horse business, tho do not have data how this sale compared with previous years yet (forthcoming!!).

The Thoroughbeds are alive and well in Florida anyway, and represented most of the US and Canada; with breeding from South America and Japan and Europe include. Mostly for Breeders Cup/Classic nominated that will run next year, as well as the OBS and NTRC  races.

Keep in mind these are 2 yo Thoroughbreds that will not actually compete until 2011, as 3 yo.

“Investments for the future”….



Winter Sale
Ocala, Florida
January 2010
This sale was for approximately 500 Thoroughbred racing bred horses, weanlings to mature broodmares.
Primary bloodlines were Thunder Gulch and the AP Indy sons among others.
Primary nominations were for Breeders Cup and the OBS futurity/racing championships.
Florida bred, Kentucky bred, Louisiana and New York breds were among those included.
Prices ranged from no sales at the 1K minimum for mostly yearling mares and colts, to higher sale prices for proven broodmares, stallion prospects, mares with performance and breeding futures, and even some geldings that have performance potential.
High sellers ranged from $50K to $105,000.oo/usd.
Top 20 sellers according to their website were: Hi seller: a 2006 mare for $105K/usd; second an 09 filly for $65K; rest of Top 20 were $17K-$42K/usd.
Many thanks to the OBS at and for providing this Internet live viewing at no cost.
Oklahoma City, OK
January 2010
This sale was for approximately 600 primarily American Quarter Horses with some Thoroughbreds, Apps and Paints...all racing bred/oriented.
Lots of range in prices, tho established breeding stock sold well, as did those with performance potential.
According to the results published at the website, the high seller  was a
1999 (ie, 10 yo) mare at $875,000.oo
Second was a 2005 mare at $250K.
The rest of top 5 under $100K/usd.
The other Top 20 ranged from $73K-$100K/usd.
See total results at
Thanks to them and for providing this live Internet broadcast free of charge.
Albequerque-Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Fall 2009
This sale had approximately 25 European Warmblood horses offered for sale at auction.
Unfortunately, most of them were "no sales, tho will be offered at Private Treaty after the sale".  And most of these seemed to be justified.
However, the pre-sale presentation was quite good in a large indoor arena where the horses could move out or be turned out to see movement. And the sale presentation was okay--the horses seemed not to have seen the announcer stand with people in it, and so there was some balking, and some out of the bridle problems with the young horses.  However, for those attending, the facilities were excellent.
The first lots were for breedings to their stallions Pik L (4th at Pan Am Games and PSG Horse of Year for the American Hanoverian Association in 2006 or so) and Noble Champion. They went for $1000.oo/usd.
The first performance horse was Lot 2, a black Hanoverian mare by Stucchoi that went for $20,000.oo/usd.  She looked like  she had a lot of potential--leggy, balanced, good mover.
From there on, there were a lot of horses to be seen, however few sales overall.  There was interested bidding, including phone bidding from California and New York.
Most of the horses were being marketed as dressage horses with a few hunters too that showed over fences.
For anyone interested, I did put the sale on a DVD and can send you a copy so you can view it yourself.
There were some potentially good buys for performance potential--one gelding in particular.
And some good buys were made for some broodmares and younger horses under $7K.
For further information, their website is:
Many thanks to them and to www.horseshowwebcasts for making this Internet viewing available at no cost.

2008 Spring
Fuel costs, grain costs and everything associated with horses seems to be raising the cost of showing, training and breeding, like many other sports.
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any end in sight in the immediate future.
While this does seem bleak, there is still a constant demand for and interest in top quality horses.
Especially horses that are trained or have show experience.
So, the general advice is (I would say continues to be), go for quality, not quantity.
Invest in training in athletic horses.
And work out arrangements for those on the borderline.  Half-boards, leases, and so on can get your horses expenses paid, as well as giving them the care they need, and perhaps some training/experience.
Email me for further info on these alternatives.





Sales results for the 2006 spring and summer sales that Professional Auction runs have been posted.  Go to site for complete info—  Several SportHorse sales from the East Coast.




The 2006 American Hunter Pony Classic sale will be held in Lexington, Kentucky during August, 2006 in conjuction with the USEF Pony Finals National Championship.  Last year’s high selling Pony went for $75,000.



Foxlair Fandango

Sold by
Richard Taylor’s Venture Stable
Agent for Stewart Kohler

Results for the 2005
American Hunter Pony Classic

Average Price....................$11,437
Top 5 Average Price.........$35,800
Top 10 Average Price......$28,000
Top 25 Average Price......$18,144
Median Price.......................$7,300
# sold at $20,000+.......................9
# sold at $10,000+.....................20

39% of the ponies sold for $10,000 or more!

Click here for full results of the
2005 American Hunter Pony Classic



Held November 17-19, 2005 during the two week show.  Included a session of "Finalists"--any horse that made the Finals of their class could be consigned the day of the sale.
For All Sessions, the average was $5,5771; Hi seller was a 9 yo mare $68,500; 79% of the horses sold (400/500).
Full report at
David James of Purcell, OK held a dispersal sale in Oklahoma City on November 11, 2005 during the AQHA Worlds that included the stallion Invitation Only.
Final purchase price was $2.35m.

Invitation Only’s impressive siring career includes these milestones:

 Leading National Snaffle Bit Association sire in 2001, 2003 and 2004.
AQHA Incentive Fund get earnings of $369,408.
316 total point earners have earned 21,147.5 points.
National Snaffle Bit Association get earnings of $721,657.
AQHA World Championship Show get earnings of $138,135.

Announced as a cryptorchid with only one testicle descended, the stallion has bred 100-plus books of mares for the last three years in a row, with “a great conception rate.” J.R. Reichert and Mike Farina purchased the horse for a syndicate; they are selling 9 shares of the stallion, with breedings, for $275,000 each. Sale representatives said to contact either gentleman for more information on purchasing shares.

Courtesy of AQHA Journal on-line coverage of the 2005 World Championships at
Continuing their popularity, high seller at one sale this summer was a crossbred 9 yo gelding for $75,000/usd.  At another a 9 yo Welsh gelding bought $35,500/usd, with many others in the double digits (Dartmoors, Welsh and crossbreds dominated.  See complete results at
American Hunter Pony Classic
Franley Farm and Shenandoah Pony Sales
August, 2005
High seller was $14,400; Gross was $217,700 for 88 horses; Low was $300.
April 30, 2005
High Seller was a 1999 Irish Draught-Thoroughbred cross for $17K, follwed by an Oldenburg mare.  Dutch, Welsh and Quarterhorses in the Top Ten.
Average $2,938/usd for 70 horses.
Results with breed, age at
AQHA and APHA in Pennsylvania, USA
Average $2,650; Hi=$14,300

62nd Elite Oldenburg Auction
Vechect, Germany
April, 2005

Top seller was for a Donnerschwee son, Dark Angelo at $240,000 Euro, purchased by a dressage training stable in Switzerland.

Top selling foal was a Florencio colt Fackeltanz going at $36,000 Euro; top selling filly was a Samdrp Hit filly bringing 26,000 Euro.

The Oldenburg Verband has expanded its presence to include Saudi Arabia and this year buyers from that area attended, as well as Italy and Finland.  The latter made their first ever purchases.

A pony (Weser-Ems) bought 47,000 Euro from the Dutch Olympic jumping rider Jan Tops.

Average for the 36 riding horses was 26,958 Euros, with a total of 970,500 Euros for the sale.  The foal average was 9,850 for a total of 197,000 Euros for the 20 foals.  Eleven of the foals were sold abroad, including the new customers from Italy and Saudi Arabia.

complete story at



full story at

April 18, 2005

The top price of 110,000 euro was achieved twice at the 112th Elite Auction of Hanoverian Sport Horses in Verden. The chestnut mare Wolkina, by Wolkentanz II out of Dancing Queen (Davignon x Weltmeyer), was the price highlight dressage horse. The Hanoverian Verband reported that Wolkina sold to a "a renowned dressage barn with Olympic quality in Florida," but they did not released the name of the new owner.

A very remarkable trend noticeable at this Spring Elite Auction in Verden is that all the top selling horses are by Oldenburg based stallions and not by Hanoverians: Lordanos, Wolkentanz II and Sandro Hit.



According to, the winter 2005 Hanoverian sale by the German Verband in Germany resulted in a new record for a mare--140,000 Euros; ($180K usd and $222K canadian.) verifies this and has a full story including:

A jumping fan from Rhineland purchased the mare Grafinia (by Graf top x Narew xx) for that amount of money and set a new record for the Verden Winter Auction.

87 of the 131 auctioned horses will travel abroad to 13 different countries. The average price for a horse at the 2005 Hanoverian Winter Auction in Verden was 11,839 euro.

See the "Verden Index" at for back archives of sales


THOROUGHBRED INDUSTRY TAKES ACTION ON ETHICS IN AUCTIONS AND INDUSTRY reports on the Task Force to formalize ethics in throughbred sales and industry practices.

See link above to "TOBA Code of Ethics"


Barrett's January 2005

Winter Mixed Sale


                     #horses        Total   AVG Median NS out








TEN HIGHEST PRICES                    

515  2004 ch.f., Tale of the Cat - One Number Short             $72,000

42 LUTYENS, 2001 ch.c., Dixieland Band - Hidden Garden $45,000

408  KINGDOM BOUND, 1999 b.m., In Excess (IRE) - She's          $42,000

92   STARLIGHT WISH, 2003 dk.b./br.f., High Brite -             $40,000
       Burning Desire

635  2004 b.c., Valid Wager - Timely Bidder                     $40,000

336  GERI'S PRINCESS, 1991 ch.m., Siyah Kalem -                 $35,000
       Speciously Bold {Helmsman}

608  STORYBOOK FAIR, 1994 dk.b./br.m., Avenue of Flags          $33,000
       - Comical Story {In Excess (IRE)}

364  HEAVENLY SEARCH, 1998 dk.b./br.h., Seeking the             $32,000
       Gold - Heart of Joy

570  SCRUMPTIOUS, 1993 ch.m., Slew o'Gold - Icing               $32,000
       (IRE) {Silver Charm}

67   STREET THEATRE, 2001 dk.b./br.c., Theatrical               $31,000
       (IRE) - Heart of America

264  COLORS OF AUTUMN, 1998 ch.m., Woodman - Fantastic          $30,000
       Look {High Demand}


Complete info at





Press Release

January Auction Ends With Third Highest Gross In Sale History
Lexington, Ky. (January 15, 2005)

Keeneland’s January Horses of All Ages Sale ended Saturday afternoon with the third highest gross in the history of the auction.

Keeneland sold 1,361 horses during the six-day auction for $53,418,000. By comparison, during a five-day sale last year, 1,258 horses and 2 stallion seasons brought $49,362,600.

This year’s average, $39,249, was up slightly from $39,225 last year and the median, $13,000, matched the 2004 figure.

“It’s good to go into the breeding season (beginning in February) on a high note,” said Keeneland’s Director of Sales Geoffrey Russell. “The sale demonstrated that people have confidence in the market. There was strength at the top and there was strength all the way through.”

Two horses brought $1 million or more during the sale topped by the $1,350,000 paid for Cozzene’s Angel, the 11-year-old dam of multiple Grade 1 stakes winner Toccet. She is pregnant to Pulpit.

Eaton Sales, as agent for an undisclosed client, bought Cozzene’s Angel from Hill ‘n’ Dale Sales Agency, as agent. She is by Cozzene out of Charming Pan, by Trepan.

It was the first time a horse had been sold for seven figures in January since 2002. A total of 10 horses brought $500,000 or more during the annual sale of broodmares, yearlings and horses of other ages.

Keeneland sold 165 horses during Saturday’s final session for $1,197,400, an average of $7,257 and a median of $3,500. There was no comparable session last year.

A 4-year-old filly by Two Punch out of Bayou La Batre brought $80,000 to top the final session. Vic Hanson bought Two Bayou from the consignment of Brookdale Sales, as agent for Flatbird Stable.


Keeneland Will Not Conduct July Sale In 2005
Lexington, Ky. (January 15, 2005)

Keeneland officials announced today that the July Selected Yearling Sale will not be held this year. Yearlings will be sold during one sale, the September 12-24 Yearling Sale, which closes on May 2.





POLISH ARABIAN NATIONAL SALE RESULTS--FALL 2004--Each year the major breeding farms of Poland (what used to be "state studs" of Poland) have a sale.  This often includes very rare or limited bloodlines of very proven Arabian horses, and has for years served as a sort of "benchmark" of the exclusive Polish lines.  2004 high price was $300,000.oo; lo was $6,500. Breeding stock in Poland for the Arabians includes a testing phase similar to warmbloods 100-day testing in Europe.   Horses must pass this in order to be included in registration. Names provided, however no further info given.  Photos provided by the photographer, with link provided at

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx reports that this is the first year (ie 2004) since the "heyday" of the 1980's that more than 25 stallions are standing for stud fees of $100,000+. (Thoroughbred racing stallions).  More info at



The stallion that won the 2002 Superhorse award was high selling horse this year at  $129,000.oo, as reported by the Quarter Horse Jounal at  He is Dual Pep--Zann Parr Jack breeding, and won the Superhorse award with placings in rodeo events--heading and heeling, and tie-down roping--and working cow horse (the rodeo events are judged by several individual judges on rule standards of the AQHA based on form, ability and performance like any performance class at the World Championships--not as timed events). High selling mare was a 1986 mare that went for $96,000.oo--she was 1994 hi-point mare.  Full story at  Total results of the sale are not available without subscription that I know of--send me a link of any free info site that you know that have all the results!


ADDIS TATTERSALL ARABIAN SALE, NOVEMBER 2004, Kentucky, USA   High selling horse was an English Pleasure half-arabian mare for $26,000.oo;  Top Ten average was $14,000+.  Lots of range in this sale--see full sales results and analysis by B. Addis at



There were 33 over-million-dollar mares sold at Keeneland's November sale, the premier Thoroughbred sale in the US.

The trend continues for high prices for under 5 mares.  Highest selling included a daughter of Unbridled for over $4 million, one of two to go for that amount.

The director of sales said that quite a few Kentucky farms had been purchased in the last few months by new owners, and there was quite a bit of discretionary income.

Top priced weanling as of Nov. 9 was $650,000 for a colt out of a Tabasco Cat mare.

Complete info at

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