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Marketing--Demographic and Survey Information

This page includes information on the demographics of the equine market and surveys.  Please note the info I provide on these in terms of scientific methods used.
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NOTE: This was a survey put on line by the American Quarterhorse Association during Oct-Nov 2005.

REGARDING METHOD:  This was not a random survey of a particular demographic population.

This was a self-respond survey by people that logged on to the AQHA site, and then logged on to the survey to answer the question.



SURVEY QUESTION:  How will higher prices affect showing of horses.


With gas prices at an all-time high, what will you do this show season? [2978 votes total]

Can't afford it. I'm not planning on going to any shows this year. (325)


I'm only attending shows in my immediate area. (1334)


I'm cutting back on the number of shows I exhibit in this year, but I'm planning on a few shows that will require driving a great distance. (508)


I'll still show at about the same number of shows this year as I have in the past. (498)


I actually plan to exhibit at more shows this year. (313)






QUICK FACTS: [Sept. 2005]

-English Style Horse Show Spectators & competitors have one of the richest income/economic demographics of any sports audience.

-USEF members average HHI - $134,500 - net worth $955,400 - Professional/managerial positions - 60%

27 million Americans ride a horse at least once a year - More than 10% of U.S. households currently participate in riding - 2,000,000+ people currently own horses - An additional 18% of U.S. households have an interest in riding - 33% of American households own/ride horses or would like to own/ride horses - 2/3 of current horse owners own more than one horse.

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