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QH--American Quarter Horse News

This page is for information on American Quarterhorses
Since I currently live in the Southwestern United States, American Quarter Horses are a dominant breed in the area, and the World Championships are just an hour away.
(And now on the Internet for the world--see Links for Internet broadcasts).
 I try to keep up on them, particularly the Hunter-Jumpers and the attempt to get Dressage approved into the World Championships.
See above QH-Appendix for further info on the QH-Thoroughbred cross.

For information on AQHA registered Hunter/Jumper/Dressage horses including prospects, please Email at address below.

The course was not a straight line two jumps.
The course was two jumps with a turn in between, requiring two changes of leads.  No back up at the final stop.
AQHA demonstration of the Pas De Deux of Dressage and Reining
at AQHA Worlds 2008

"The Pas De Duex that just about was not"

Promotional info from AQHA:

Pas de Deux combines the elegance and impact of dressage musical freestyle with the added element of two horses and riders performing together. Movements and figures are choreographed to meet the technical requirements of the particular level with music chosen to highlight the pair.

 Join AQHA and the United States Dressage Federation as we present to you a Pas de Deux performance showcasing the combined beauty of dressage and the elegance of reining, Tuesday, November 18 during the evening performance.  Don't miss this rare opportunity to watch two horses and riders dancing in the arena together!

After I saw this on the Live Internet Video Stream--my comments:

Lynn Palm, the noted Florida trainer and clinician (most noteably of Rugged Lark), and Angel X on a chestnut dressage horse.

The intent was excellent.

Unfortunately, the excecution was not.

Disappointing performance from each, however mostly from the “dressage” horse that was out of the bridle and unruly most of the time (would not halt, kept breaking gait and looked like shying).  The reining horse was doing his own shying and not much exc. Performance, tho was calm and obedient generally and did get the reining “pirouettes” done well (spins). 

Did not see the dressage pirouettes as either not shown or not performed.

A good promotional idea, and true in theory—dressage and reining do share quite a bit of athletic similarities; unfortunately, this year, probably did more to discourage or disparage the interest…in dressage anyway. 

The intent was good, and hope that the AQHA and USDF can put together something in the future that shows the best of dressage and reining. 



L.Robinson, agent

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