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Links for videos, DVD's and CD's

Videos, DVD's and CD's can be an excellent way to gain information, instruction or to keep up on horse shows.  Below are some resources (tho I have not tried all of them!)
Excellent selection of commercial instructional and International show videos, ranging in price from $30 and up.  Includes the Olympics and DVD's. Dover Saddlery is a primarily Hunt Seat tack store.
Covers major Dressage shows (FEI level), including Aachen.  Some other shows like the Andalusian finals.
Tapes that their video company makes of dressage include listing of the marks for certain movements that are replayed in slow motion.  Prices generally around $50 per class final per show, less for past shows.  They run archived copies on rfd-tv every now and then.

Many equestrian videos in all disciplines offered for sale.  See below for rentals. 


Their website states:

"You have 101 categories and over 2700 items to choose from.
With more than half below retail and over 250 items under $10 (USD)"

Does include all disciplines, care, breeding and entertainment.


Primarily Arabian show videotaping.  Offer compilation of Finals of National Championships by year.  ($75 each).
Owned by the highly esteemed former show announcer, Harry Cooper.  His book of memoirs is available there too.
Commerical videos from a top tack store.
The US Dressage Federation store offers instructional and training videos, most in conjunction with their seminars.  Features top trainers and instructors.
Additionally, an excellent video produced in association with Iron Spring Farm on "Showing Your Sporthorse in Hand" is very informative and instructional for use for showing or breeding inspections.
Many local breed organizations and riding clubs have their own libraries and offer rental services.  So check those too!

In conjunction with Horse-TV, offers a rental library--$40 lifetime to join; state rates as $12 for 2 videos; $10 for 3; 4 week borrow time.  Says they have over 1800 videos for rent or purchase.  Will ship to Canada and US, other countries on request.



University of Nebraska Video Library on Horses


Videos are available to 4-H Clubs and leaders. Cost is $5/tape (check or credit card) for a 2 week rental period.

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