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Links for Technology

Technology for horse-owners, breeders, buyers and sellers.
New Waterproof Camera
This camera is perhaps mostly for those into actual underwater photography--however if you have ever been out in the pouring rain trying to view horses, you may appreciate it.



circiuts (column at 

casual photographers to shoot digital pictures underwater. You had to buy a separate waterproof housing for your camera and then worry about how well it would work.

The Optio WP from Pentax has taken out the middleman. The $350 digicam does not require a separate housing to keep it watertight. Pentax says it will function for up to 30 minutes in water up to 5 feet deep, and it's dunkable right out of the box.

But what makes the camera most attractive is its ability to combine amphibiousness with a portable and powerful point-and-shoot. Less than an inch thick, the palm-size camera snaps 5-megapixel shots and features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, large 2-inch liquid-crystal display and a 3x zoom lens. It also starts up in just over half a second and has a 0.05-second shutter-release time.

Equally impressive, it shoots movies, has 20 still-shooting modes, records up to 20 seconds of sound for each picture, recovers erased shots and automatically monitors the movement of targets within the frame to maintain focus.

Just don't get too enthralled with capturing the life aquatic: held underwater too long, or at too great a depth, the camera could perish along with your marine memories. ADAM BAER, tech columnist at New York Times Newspaper,


 Flat Digital Camera

New digital camera is flat so can fit in a shirt or jacket pocket.  Super for pix when out checking mares and foals, or viewing at sales or shows.  Two resolutions, 100 and 300; up to 102 pix.   Takes a small clip video too.  Looks light and easy enough to ride with in pocket. USB Connection. $60
(e-z ship to Canada)
Check comparism shopping for other sources.

Let your computer do your reading for you!

If you do not have text to speech capabilities on your computer, there is a software program for $30/usd that will do so.  It can read the news for you, the Emails, and basically anything on the Internet--you can download to an Ipod and put on an portable so you can actually listen to all of this while out checking mares, feeding,  driving to the vet, etc.  Or just kick back and relax while checking on the "latest"  (or doing something else!).

Anyway--can be quite a time saver!  

posted 5-10-05

This site includes other audio books

This in the home page for the Text to speech software.

Prices are the same. 



Read more at CNET.COM

Adobe Photoshop most recent versions improvements

CS2 has improved tools that reduce noise and blurring in photos, as well as a filter that corrects for lens distortion. (Now buildings at the periphery of pictures need not appear slightly curved.)

The program has one-click red-eye correction, with a more accurate tool that can color the subject's pupils with a soft, realistic dark gray rather than a blob of black.

The most impressive new feature is called vanishing point. It lets the user add and move objects within a picture while automatically maintaining perspective. If you want to add cars to a road that fades into the distance, for example, the vanishing point function automatically scales the size of the cars in proportion to the road. More information is at

Adobe has improved the Help menu to include detailed instructions for some of CS2's more complicated new features. This is full-powered software for professionals; weekend hobbyists may be happy to stick with Adobe Elements 2.0 ($99), which will probably include some of this new technology in a year or so.

ROY FURCHGOTT, tech columnist for


Video Equipment
Video Converting
Have some Analog or Digital video that you would like to put on your computer?  Well, there is a lot more to it than just a video converter, however unless your camera has one built in, and your PC is set up for it, you have to buy a video converter.
Some places to start:
Run a search for analog or digital video, and they give you a selection of converters, along with a selection of places to buy them, so you can compare prices, etc.
Search will include software and discussions where you can post questions, etc. for free to get on-line help.
Most computer stores will offer these.
(A surprisingly affordable basic converter, tho limited in some ways in terms of tech specs (know what you need before you buy!) is available at Wal-Mart on line--under $100--can convert to PC from a VCR). 
Free Video Editing Software
 Sources for free downloads vary in their reliability and how they rate them.  None of them guarantee that the software is bug-free, etc., tho some are much better than others.  So, try to check on the company or software developer offering them.
WWW.CNET.COM provides user ratings (naturally, this cannot be considered an objective, scientific survey).  Very reliable resource for computer info generally.
WWW.ZDNET.COM provides much the same services.
Some software is just Free Trial.
Free Online Courses
Many sites offer free online courses.  Free often is basically "you get what you pay for", however often some information can be obtained no matter how accomplished you are.
If you want a complete listing, do a search for "free online" courses and narrow it with topic like digital or video photography, editing, web site design, etc., etc.
Some good resources include:
Currently  has these to offer that might be of interest: digital photography, PC troubleshooting.  Says will soon be offering video editing.

L.Robinson nor L.Robinson, agent has any agreement with any of the resources listed.  Listing here does not imply recommendation or endorsement of any kind.  This is strictly for informational and educational purposes.

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