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Travel notes for horse breeders, equestrian competitors, buyers and sellers of horses.

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JANUARY 1, 2006

NEW RULES FOR TRAVELING TO US FROM CANADA, MEXICO AND OTHER COUNTRIES GO INTO EFFECT AT THE END OF 2006--includes those visiting countries listed and then returning to the US.

See the home page for further information.  Visitors to Canada, Mexico, etc. will need a passport level document to return to the US, as will those entering the US by air and sea.

The same change goes into effect for those traveling by land in 2007.





Basic information provided by CNN--see link on left-hand column for article.

Dated December 24, 2005, with links for further updates.







Cbc news via


B C . C A   N e w s   -   F u l l   S t o r y :


Canada, U.S. agree on new open skies deal

Last Updated Fri, 11 Nov 2005 13:20:05 EST

CBC News

Federal Transport Minister Jean Lapierre said Friday that Canada and the United States have negotiated a deal to liberalize air travel rules.

The key part of the deal involves a revamping of the rules governing Canadian and U.S. air carrier access to third country markets.


(CP FIle Photo)

The deal would make it easier for Canadian carriers to pick up passengers in the U.S. and then fly on to a third country. U.S. carriers would also be allowed similar access in Canada.

The 1995 air services agreement between Canada and the United States created an open regime for air services between the countries. However, there were constraints regarding air services between each other's territory and third countries.

"This further liberalization of the Canada-U.S. air transport relationship will allow airlines of both countries to better meet the needs of travellers and shippers," said Lapierre. "It is my hope that this agreement will encourage the development of new markets, new services, lower prices and greater competition," he said.

The changes are scheduled to come into effect on Sept. 1, 2006.

The new deal does not clear the way for "cabotage" – which would allow a U.S. airline to pick up passengers in one Canadian city and fly them to another Canadian city. Under that scenario, Canadian carriers could also serve domestic routes in the United States.

"This new agreement with Canada's largest trade and aviation partner will ensure the North American industry is in step with current international airline policies," said Robert Milton, the CEO of Air Canada's parent company ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.

"It will create substantial benefits for consumers by generating more choice and will contribute to the long-term health and competitiveness of our North American industry," Milton said.

Copyright 2005 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - All Rights Reserved





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