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Travel notes for horse breeders, equestrian competitors, buyers and sellers of horses.

Transporting horses

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Transporting horses

This page has news and information on transporting horses across state lines and international borders.



Only the laws for humans have changed regarding entering the US!  And those do not start to go into effect until the end of 2006. That is the good news.  (See the home page for further info). There is no bad news, except if you are not used to having your horse trailer looked into, you should be prepared for that.  This is routine within the US too, for security purposes.

    There are no requirements for horses beyond those that exist between US states for bringing a horse from Canada into the US.  Basically, a negative coggins, current health certificate and should be up-to-date on shots.

     Canadian owners and vets that perform vet inspections should be knowledgeable about any recent changes.  I post them as soon as possible.

Contatct USDA for further information
For travel within US states or Canadian Provinces:
Check on the most recent advisories from the  specific states or provinces.
At times, temporary outbreaks of diseases will require additional vet exams or even quarantine.
These are rare, however should be noted.
Be certain to check the site of departure and the site of arrival requirements.
Due to the increase of oil/gas costs during 2008, please contact specific horse transporters for an exact quote.
And try several for comparisms.
Any of the owners of horses listed with me will know of reliable transporters within North America too.
I can provide you with further current information upon specific request based on general inquiries.



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