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This website was provided to clients, students and associates during the 2004 Olympics for their Informational and Educational purposes.

Some of the info that was post-Olympic may not be updated.

Most noteably are the final results of the Olympic Show Jumping.

See resources for further info.






Note: Most current updates are just below the intro!


Summer Olympics 2004 is here--well, was here!

Equestrian competition ended Friday, Aug. 27,2004 with the Individual Jumping Finals.

This site will continue to be updated as further info comes in, however basically most of the info is at the links above, or get extended results from

<See below for TV  schedule and other resource links; see above links for my  and other info on the results, controversies and other aspects>

This site is provided for educational purposes only for my clients and business associates.  See copyright info below.

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February, 2005--update on the appeal by the 2004 Olympic Team Gold Medalist German Beerbaum on his disqualification after drug testing of his horse at no. 5498.



October, 2004--unfortuately the most recent updates are rather negative.

There have been several findings by the FEI of positive drug testing on medal winners.

These included

--- the Jumping winner from Ireland. (the circumstances were basically that the horse was given a mild sedative one month before the Olympic competition so that the horse could complete some hydrotherapy for a sprained muscle.  The attending vet said it should be out of his system by the time of Olympic competition).

(A second testing proved positive too.)

Further info at the below FEI website.





The FEI,  Federation Equestrian Internationale, the international governing association for equestrian competition is providing prompt press releases on any of the controversies (eg Eventing), esp those that they have a role in,  and other day to day information on the competitions.

Additionally, they have bios on all of the riders that qualified for Athens, etc.




<<The Bloodhorse website is at



For you Olympic buffs (that are not there this year!), below is the TV schedule

and other resources.  Equisearch looks like it will provide current, up to date

info.  Send me any other links that you think might be of interest to others.





TV Coverage

The most in-depth Olympic broadcast

in history is coming August 15-27.

DateChannelTime (ET)Event

Aug 15CNBC2am-4pmEventing Dressage

Aug 16BRAVO5am-NoonEventing Dressage (live)

Aug 17BRAVO5am-NoonEventing Cross Country

Aug 18BRAVO5am-NoonEventing Jumping, Team Final (live)

Aug 18BRAVO5pm-8pmEventing Jumping, Indiv. Final

Aug 20BRAVO5am-10amDressage

Aug 21BRAVO4am-9amTeam Dressage Final

Aug 22BRAVO4am-10amJumping

Aug 23BRAVO5am-10amDressage

Aug 24USA7am-10amTeam Jumping Final, 1st Round

Aug 24BRAVO5pm-8pmTeam Jumping Final, Final Round

Aug 25USA7am-NoonIndiv. Dressage Final (live)

Aug 27BRAVO7am-NoonIndiv. Jumping Final, 1st Round (live)

Aug 27NBC12:30pm-4pm

   Indiv. Jumping Final, Final Round




You can find another schedule of the televising of the 2004 Olympic equestrian

events at  >equestrian

This gives you a basic schedule for the duration of the Olympics, however does

not include stations.


Click on

And you should be able to find a complete day to day listing of the TV schedules

that include the station.  Checks with above.


Cheer for your favorites, analyze the horses and riding, and enjoy the show!





All material on these pages is copyrighted AS NOTED.

To be used only for educational purposes without permission of L.Robinson or noted copyright owner.