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Links for Olympic info

Below are links to websites that are providing information on the 2004 Equestrian Olympics
e-mail me with any you can add!
All sites are free unless noted
Tapes and other info towards end

This is the official website of the 2004 Olympics.
Has latest info on most subjects, results and highlight info.
Lots of general info with a specific Olympic section with commentary by Equine Journalist Nancy Jaffer
This is the official FEI website.  FEI is the international governing body for equestrian competition, the Federation Equestre Internationale--International Federation for Equestrian Sports.  They have current Olympic info posted, as well as press releases regarding their role in any disputes (eg the Eventing controversy, posted at link above).
See for current info example the dressage 8-23-04 report linked above.
Additionally under "Rules and Regs" all of the qualifying info for Olympics and tech info on courses and competitions.
The NBC official site.  Has been getting the results posted very promptly.  And, esp. for a commercial site, has some very interesting and insightful articles on the competition and competitors. Covers news like the Eventing medal controversy EXTREMELY well.
This is The Bloodhorses general site (they are one of the premier, if not the, Thoroughbred breeding-racing journals).
They are including general info on TV coverage, some of the vet info, etc.
Generally a very incisive site on breeding and business/sales and vet info.

 PhelpsPhotos database, by show, including Olympic Games,2004.

EXCELLENT photos of competitors, ceremonies and just the show.  Information on horses included too (breed, sire and dam, age, etc.).

Be certain to read and respect the copyright notice.

TAPES, DVDs and CDs of the Olympics
most recent print catalog says available in Oct.
www.dressagedaily and horsedaily state they will have tapes in Oct. via Horse TV
This is a paid site for most of the in-depth information.  However, they do offer a newsletter that has the basic news for free.
Generally, a comprehensive dressage oriented website for info and sales. 
They additionally do videotape many of the top FEI shows and sell TAPES of such--including Aachen, etc.  They occasionally make these available on cable RFD after a few years, and as of Aug. 2004 are starting a regular time of 4pm on Mondays to air some of these.
Videotape info of the Olympics is available at their site.
This website allows you to easily convert meters to yards and feet and vice versa.

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