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For those of you interested in anything from what breeds are predominating in what Olympic disciplines to trivia of the only horse of any breed that qualified...this page is for you!
   However, note that this is going to be continually updated, so current info can change...tho I try to make as certain as possible before posting, and will note if it is tenative.
   Send me info that you know of too!
General note on horses at the Olympics--horses competing can be of any breed or mixture, and they do not have to be registered.   Qualifying and selection is based on performance.  Tho each country determines its qualification process in accordance with FEI rules, they are basically the same.
    The dressage portion does have subjective elements, like judging in gymnastics and ice skating, however the other disciplines are just based on "getting over the jump" without knocking it down.  Ideally nose first!

Breeds by reporting--
Info on the horses--and thus breeds--that are in the top contention for medals as well as those "making the news" is included in the TV and print media coverage.
DRESSAGE--Hanoverians dominate; see above info on Team Dressage. Four of the top 5 horses qualifying for the Individual dressage are Hanoverians.
  There were other European warmbloods--Oldenburg, Dutch Warmblood, and others.
  The Spanish had the breeds generally associated with Spain competing--an Andalusian and Lusitanian.  However the only one to make the top 25 was the teams Hanoverian.  One commentator noted, that the Spanish breeds are known for their elevation, however not much on their extension.
  See the "Team Dressage" link above for specific information on the horses competing.
EVENTING--"Thoroughbreds rule" should be the motto here, in the current vernacular.  The Jockey Club should be very, very pleased!  If it was not Thoroughbred, it was a cross, and little else mattered!  Exception was  Windfall II, the Trakehner stallion purchased this year for DC of the US team.
JUMPING--Holsteiners and Selle Francais come in first; Belgian Warmbloods follow; some Dutch Warmbloods and Oldenburgs; one Anglo-Arabian and Thoroughbred, the Irish team had primarily Irish Sporthorses, however the Gold Medal winner was Cian O'Conner on his Holsteiner named Waterford Crystal.
Most of the info was provided by the NBC telecast of the competitions--send any corrections you note!
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: is providing some free photos of the Olympics--all disciplines.  Most of the pictures of the individual horses includes breeding information--breed, sire and dam!

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