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Just 9 totally clear rounds advance with their teams to the finals. Only the top ten of the 16 teams that qualified advance.
 The "anchors" of several of the teams proved to be weightier than thought--in a negative way--as they had the most penalties and had to have their scores thrown out.
Exceptions were US (Madden), Brazil (Pesseo), Ireland and some others.
FLYING SHOES--two horses lost shoes mid-course.  For anyone unfamiliar with show jumping, unlike much show ring competition, if a shoe comes off the horse and rider must just continue the course.  One horse slipped, and naturally this affects the overall balance of the horse, and thus their performance.
Would not want to be that shoer.
The ANGLO-ARABIAN pulled up lame after the 4th or 5th jump. Looked like he came down a little crooked and might have just turned it. Front leg and looked like not putting any weight on it.  Rider noticed immediately and pulled him up.  This was a sort of "story book" saga, and it is unfortunate for the team and the individual rider.
Hopefully, the horse will recover.
Latest news is that it is a bowed tendon, and prognosis is good tho not for competing.
WIND BLOWS GREEKS WAY--the wind keeps entering into the picture (see yesterdays Dressage info).  A plank jump kept catching the wind and as a result the top planks would blow off before the horses would get there.
One of the Greek riders benefitted greatly as all of the planks blew off, and, as one of the NBC commentators said, the horse was faced with a Pony Club fence in the middle of a Grand Prix course.
None of the riders were penalized or asked to take another jump.  Luck of the wind!

RESULTS:  Germany gold, US silver, Sweden bronze.  see for complete listing.
   DECIDED BY A RIDE-OFF!  After all those rides, the US and Sweden were tied.  So into a ride-off--just like a regular ride-off except that all four team members ride.
    In this case only three tho--the third American ride by Chris Kappler was almost 7 seconds faster than the Swedish field, and Sweden decided to concede, figuring that they could not be that fast even on a very good day.
That saved the Swedish anchor and US Beezie Madden another go.
Other misc:
The course for the finals had to be moved 20 meters  due to ground conditions.
Several teams had trials held at night in order to test their horses for the night Finals.
Switching citizenship--one Netherland rider now rides for Belgium.  In dressage, Germans have become American and Greek citizens due to the depth of the riders in Germany.

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