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Rucker Park--Training site for 1930's US Olympic Teams and many top AHSA horse shows

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Rucker Park is a historical site located on the US Army base of Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
During the 1930's, Rucker Park was used to train the Olympic teams for Eventing and Jumping.
Since that time, many nationally top rated shows were held until the Artillery Hunt was discontinued in the 1990's.
(The AHSA has been reorganized to the USEF)
Fortunately for equestrians, the basic permanent jumps are maintained within a park area so that we can fully appreciate them.

The overview from the Stands area of the main park-see Indiv page for better views of jumps

The Stone Wall jump in the main area--3ft high 2 ft wide without poles-See Indiv page above

The Double Bank with Ditch Jump--see indiv page

The big double bank with ditch in the middle--5 ft drop--see indiv pg

The original stands to view the horse show at Rucker Park

The Water Trough jump--2ft by3ft wide without poles

The Italian Bank--45 degree angle approach and finish--see indiv pg

Double bank jump--one strides

The approach on the ditch-bounce-3 ft bank jump

The 3 foot bank at the end of the ditch and bounce jump

The Ditch and Bounce Bank Jump
(pictures left and right)
The ditch is about 2 feet wide, generally filled with something for competition.
It is about 15 feet from the ditch to the bank drop-off--a very short one-stride or a bounce.
The drop off the bank is about 3 feet.

The triangle natural stone jump with inground ditch on side. See individual page

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