Rucker Park--Training site for 1930's US Olympic Teams and many top AHSA horse shows

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The Triangle Natural Stone jump--oxer

The Triangle Stone Jump from stands area with ditch by side

This jump is informally termed the "triangle natural stone jump" due to  its structure from the side.
It is constructed in a Triangle form.
Generally, this jump lends itself to creating Oxers and Spread jumps.
The approach is very appealing--wide jump side to side.
And poles and standards were added to make spreads and Oxers--very big ones!
The actual stone jump is about 2 feet, so without poles it can  be used for pre-green and schooling shows.

Triangle Stone Jump from 3/4 view

This is a picture of the approach to Triangle Natural Stone Jump from the jumping course side.
The basic jump is very wide, and very appealing,  with tall stone sides.
This approach is from the Italian Bank side-- the stands would be to the left.
Often, there would be a combination of the Italian Bank and then an almost direct line to the Triangle Stone Jump/Oxer/Spread.

The approach to the Triangle Natural Jump from the Italian Bank side

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