Rucker Park--Training site for 1930's US Olympic Teams and many top AHSA horse shows

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The Italian Bank Jump

The Italian Bank Jump at Rucker Park
The Italian bank is a formidable jump, even if no poles are added, which generally are added during competitions.
The slope of the approach and the landing is about 45 degrees, and takes a couple of strides on a large horse to complete the approach  and landing from "ground level".
The basic jump is just about 2 feet by 2 feet, however it is permanent natural stone that is cemented together; and for many competitions, poles were added to increase the height.
With the approach angle and the angle on the landing, the jump is quite a test of agility and athleticness at any height.

The Italian Bank from the stands side

This page shows several views of the Italian Bank Jump.

The Italian Bank Jump from the south-east side of the jump

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