Rucker Park--Training site for 1930's US Olympic Teams and many top AHSA horse shows

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The big Double Bank Jump with ditch and 5 ft drop

Side view of the Double Bank with middle Ditch

Double Bank with Middle Ditch Jump--3/4 angle pix

This permanent stone jump is  located directly across the field from the stands, so is one of the major jumps for horse shows.  And certainly was one of the primary training jumps for the Olympic Teams
From the side, it is a jump up to the first bank, one stride, a stone ditch and bank, and then another one stride to a drop down off about a 5 foot bank.
During major horse shows, standards and poles were placed at the top of the final drop off and the bank tops.  This raised the size and effort quite a bit, to say the least!
These were used for  many of the jumpers, esp. Open Jumpers, in addition to Hunters,  and so it provided quite a bit of competition. 
Additionally, each bank can be used for smaller  jumping competitions  when jumped from the side.  Each bank from the side is a long one stride or two short strides--especially useful for schooling horses and riders to to start bank jumping.

Side view from Stands of the Double Bank

Above is a picture of the double bank jump which has a ditch in the middle between the two banks.
The picture is taken from between the stands and the first natural ditch jump (in the foreground) on the course.
The Italian Bank on the Rucker Park is in the left upper part of the picture.
This picture shows the side approach of the first stone bank, a one stride, then the ditch and second stone bank, another one stride, and the drop bank.

The approach for the rider to the bank-ditch-bank jump at Rucker Park

Side view of Double Bank with Middle Ditch

The approach to the upper bank from the side

Person standing in front of drop bank is 6ft

Three fourth side view of the Double Bank with middle ditch

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