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Arabian and Half-Arabian Sporthorses
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Warmblood Breed Registration Info for Arabians

Interested in breeding Warmblood-Arabian crosses?


Most people breeding this cross are satisfied with registration in the Half-Arabian registry, as showing in Arabian and Open shows is the primary interest.

Or they get approved via one of the General Warmblood Registeries.


However, some Warmblood breed registries will inspect and potentially approve other breeds to their registries, thus the horses can then be registered in the warmblood breed associations too.  (As compared to the general registries such as American Warmblood Society or American Warmblood Registry which do register Arabian crosses too).


Listed below are some of those breed associations that do include approved Arabians and Anglo-Half-Arabians in their breed registries.

(NOTE:  This list is last updated 5-15-05; Breed association rule can change quickly--so check site to be certain still in effect.)  Following are some of the "General Registeries".






1.      Hanoverian

Look in the PDF of Rules and Regulations at the official website:>AHS rules  Section 5(2)—Inclusion of other breeds, page 3-4.  (This is a PDF document and I could not copy the relevant sections at this time).


2.      Trakehners

Complete info at under stallions and click on Approval process then ATA Regulations.

NOTE:  Trakehners have two studbooks—the Official Registry and the Official Stud Book.  Stallions and mares must be approved to be admitted to the OSB; the Official Registery is open to any horse that is by and out of Approved Trakehners.  Horses have to be inspected and approved by committees in order to attain the status of OSB.


    C) Arab-Trakehner, composed of:

Arab-Trakehner horses by an approved Trakehner stallion and out of an Arabian mare registered with the Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc., or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry, or an Anglo-Arab mare registered as such with the International Arabian Horse Association or the Canadian Partbred Arabian Registry, or a Shagya-Arabian mare or an Anglo-Shagya mare registered in the stud book of an association that is a member of the Internationale Shagya-arber Gesellschaft e.V. (ISG = International Purebred Shagya-arab Society) an ATA or NATA (Division 6) registered Arab-Trakehner mare and issued numbered certificates by the Association.

For Mares, there is a Pilot Program of preliminary approving Arabian and Thoroughbred mares.  Go to Mares>Pilot Program for Arabian mares

ADDITIONALLY: The American Trakehner Association has established a pilot program to study the effect on the breed in North America of adding select Thoroughbred and Arabian mares to the Preliminary Stud Book.

The following conditions will apply:

1. The Pilot Program will be effective from Dec. 1, 1996 until Dec. 31, 2005.



The CTA has seperate rules and regulations from the American Trakehner Assn and the German Verband.

The CTA does approve Arabian stallions and horses with certain lineage to Arabians.

NOTE: CTA horses are not necessarily approvable into the American Assn.








The American Warmblood Registry (AWR) was established in 1981 to encourage the breeding of excellent sport horses. Member of the World Breed Federation for Sporthorses. The principal publication of the American Warmblood Registry is WARMBLOOD NEWS.

Includes  the American Sport Pony registry—Arabians under 14.2 will qulaify.



Includes  the American Sport Pony registry—Arabians under 14.2 will qulaify.




 As an Associate Member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) the American Warmblood Society (AWS) is an international, non-profit Performance/Breed Registry, whose only goal and purpose is to represent, promote, award and aid in the development of talented sport horses of all bloodlines, from the grass roots through the Olympic levels.




***This page is under construction, and many breed associations rules will change--do not consider this list exhaustive.  Email me with any additions or corrections***

L.Robinson, agent
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