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Sales Terms and Conditions

This service provides marketing services for horse owners and finder's services for buyers.

A written contract is required to list a horse, in which the owners agrees to represent the horse truthfully and states that the horse is sound, should pass a vet exam, and that all past vet history and records will be made available. Every attempt is made to assure this.

A copy of the registration papers is on record with Lindley Robinson, with the owner that is being represented listed as the owner. (or proof of ownership has been authenticated).

L.Robinson is not responsible for any misrepresentation or fraud that occurs between the seller and buyer, tho makes every attempt to be certain that this does not occur.

Final price negotiations are handled directly by the owner and/or purchaser and/or seller. Commissions as set in the initial agreement are based on the final sale price.

Buyers are responsible for arranging a vet exam and any decisions based upon that exam.

Basic information is provided by the owner. This includes vet care history (see above), training background, size at time of listing, breeding history, etc. Owners are expected to provide documentation and/or verification of such in the case of any questions.

This information is relied upon for advertising, and any misrepresentation is grounds for terminating the agreement to represent in marketing.

In most cases, owners provide text describing their horse themselves, and this is generally noted in the ads.

Buyers looking for a horse are asked to list specifications for their ideal horse, and every attempt is made to fill that.

It is the goal of this service to find the most suitable fit for horse and owner and purchaser.

For any further information or questions about listing or about retaining to find a horse, please contact L.Robinson:


PO Box 1571

Lawton, OK 73502

PH: 580-248-3979; 580-678-5051

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