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L.Robinson--Equine Business

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L. Robinson

Equine Sales and Consulting




Individual lessons.........$35 per lesson

Prepayment of 5 lessons
(for individuals on regularly scheduled
lessons only.).........$125 for 5 lessons

Lesson times vary depending on what working on, etc.
Minimum of 30 minutes-maximum of 55 minutes--average 40 minutes. Students should allow an hour to include warm-up.

In order to maximize learning, students should work on what was taught in the lesson with their horses at a minimum 2 times between lessons, ideally four or more.
In some exceptional cases, this will not apply, particularly when introducing new movements at the higher levels of dressage, or when the student needs to learn the feel of a movement and needs consistent input, or when starting particular training like teaching a horse to jump.

*NOTE: Rates are subject to change. Students are charged based upon original agreement. Original agreements are honored indefinitely if possible--long term clients are appreciated, and do benefit more too. If any changes are made in original agreements about lesson rates, 60 day notice is given to the student. Students that stop taking lessons for over 60 days are subject to updated rates unless specific arrangements are made.



At this time, only amateur owner trainer training or intermittent schooling sessions are offered. The rates are the same as for lessons.

In amateur owner trainer training, I teach the owner of the horse how to train their own horse. This includes the owner developing skills while at the same time the horse having to be subjected to some "trial and error" while the owner learns. This can take some time initially, however in the end, the owner has the skills to school, not just be a passenger.

During intermittent schooling sessions, I actually work the horse in the work session. The purpose of this is to get the horse working correctly on the basics of what we are introducing to the horse, and to be "one step ahead" of the owner/rider. This makes it easier for the horse to learn some movements, and for the rider to get a feel for what the movement should be.



Commissions on sales range from 5% to 15%, depending on the services and marketing included.

Basically, for an inidividual horse that is within a reasonable driving range, the charge is 15%.

Owners are responsible for sending out videos and any pictures that have to go via regular post office mail.

Consideration is given for breeding farms that list more than one horse, with the understanding that the same commission applies to any horse sold based on a referrel from me.



Consulting services for purchasing, breeding programs, training programs, establishing goals and priorities, etc. are provided on an individual basis. Contact me for rates.

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