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Resources for Info on Plants and Flowers that are Toxic to Horses

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Plant treatments that are safe for horses

Plant treatments include fungicides mostly--just ways of treating plants for insects, molds, etc.  Generally, commercial products are recommended for these.
However, the movement toward supporting alternative means, especially via organic gardening methods is a real benefit to horse owners.
Garlic, cornmeal and baking soda are common "organic fungicides".
I am continuing to experiment with these, and will let you know my results.  Let me know yours too!
One thing for sure--they sound a lot safer  and/or easier than chemical products.
Below are some sites that I have found to be very informative on this subject.
This guy is GOOD!  I found out about him via WBAP radio (in Dallas, TX, on the Internet too--dial-up accessible; very informative 4 hour call-in talk show on Sunday mornings) and Dallas Morning News.
Just an incredible amount of information that is free--I have not tried the membership only area, however just the free info is incredibly useful for a horseowner in particular.
Lots of info on Cornmeal, Baking Soda and Garlic alternatives.

Let me know any good info sites that you use! 

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